Microsoft Goes ‘Back to Black’


One device that constantly has my attention is the Microsoft Surface. Being an iPad Pro owner I long for the day for a good file system and being able to use a mouse. Using the iPad keyboard smart cover and poking at the screen is fiddly at best. For a capable device these two points let it down greatly and result in it not being able to fully replace my computer.

Believe it or not I did once buy a Microsoft Surface the day before Xmas Eve but then took it back without even trying it as I believed the model that I purchased, having only 2GB would be a frustrating experience. There is also the constant murmur of poor build quality, especially with the screens. Daily on Reddit, people complain about dead pixels, light bleed and screen flickering. These contributed to me getting the iPad Pro and waiting till Microsoft sorted the issue out. Now they seem to have increased their build quality (Consumer Report now recommends it again ) and one big change, cosmetically, is that they have introduced a matte black design. This is just gorgeous and has me envious of those that own it. It reminds me of the days when Apple released the Matte Black MacBook. It was also stunning at the time.

I’m sure you have heard it before and my friends are bored of hearing me repeat it but Microsoft lately is being more ‘Apple’ THAN Apple are. They are daring to be different, not by adding bad design like a notch and covering it up in marketing jargon but investing in design. Not just the matte black, of which I believe that it’s a sign that they are listening to the consumers but the likes of the Microsoft Surface Studio, new hardware, that we haven’t seen the likes of before.