iPhone XR is NOT Cheap!


First off, I own Apple products. I’m just not a fanboy like most overzealous fans. I can see past my love for design and tech to see that I am still a consumer paying for a product and want the best value product for the money that I can afford. Something that Apple was quite good at for many years. Lately, under Tim Cooks guidance it seems its always about the bottom line rather than innovation and design. With this year’s announcement of phones it seems that Apple has also ran out of ideas and milking their loyal fan base for every cent. The primary culprit, the iPhone XR.

IPhone XR Pricing

In the UK where I am based, the 64GB iPhone XR retails for £749. This was always touted as the Apple budget phone, maybe not by Apple themselves but they knew what they were doing and let their minions (YouTube reviewers) brain wash joe public into letting them think it’s a good deal. YouTubers who clearly have too much money are telling people in low paid jobs and young kids/adults that £749 for a phone is cheap, is hectic. In comparison you can currently buy a for £499, a Pro for £799 and a OnePlus 6 for £469. These are all more than capable of the iPhone XR with the One Plus 6 and Huawei P20 Pro being more compatible to the iPhone X/S.

Screen Woes

The iPhone XR cannot natively show a 1080p video in 2018. Yes a phone that can’t display 1080p videos is selling for £749. Now, Joe Public will not be aware of the small fact that it can’t show 1080p videos natively as Apple up scales to it and probably won’t be able to tell the difference but the fact that Apple is saving money by not including a 1080p screen in a £749 phone is absurd. What is important to note is that my current phone the iPhone 8 Plus is capable of showing 1080p natively… So why on earth would I ‘upgrade’? I went in to the store myself and as The Verge have noted in their review the screen actually seems sub-par to the iPhone 8 Plus, especially when it comes to viewing angles.

No 3D Touch

Yes, Apple kept 3D Touch in their flagship devices but seemingly it’s not required in the XR. This is apparently down to the LCD panel used and not being able to fit all the tech in. So for those who use it, especially when using the keyboard and moving the cursor, it’s something to think about. (Apparently you can long press the space bar to do the same thing.. Good luck with that working)

Apple iPhone XR Marketing Trick

Now don’t get me wrong, the iPhone XR is a nice phone and many won’t have an issue with spending £749 on a sub-par Apple phone but that’s the world we live in. It has an adequate screen, it’s pricing is clever, as its £249 cheaper than the XS model and so you will find many buying it. This is all down to Apples genius marketing. They knew it would be an attractive phone to those who want the latest phone but not a £999 phone. They know the majority of people won’t be able to tell the difference between OLED and LCD panels and so why should they put a decent 1080p LCD screen in it? And this is why it gets under my skin so much, they could have went down the route of a new iPhone SE phone and actually make a budget phone, but that doesn’t seem to be in their game plan. Premium is what makes them money and premium is what they are doing.

For now I will be holding on to my iPhone 8 Plus, it’s got a better screen, still has TouchID and has 3D Touch. I think for now I am accepting that I will always behind the curve with Apple products as the price for ‘NEW’ is becoming unattainable and quite frankly unbearable.