Touch Id… You Will Be Missed


Apart from the price of the iPhone X last year, the removal of Touch ID was one of the main reasons why I didn’t upgrade to the iPhone X and got the iPhone 8 Plus instead. Never once have I regretted my decision. And not once have I been shown how Face ID is better than Touch ID in real world scenarios.

The Case for Touch ID


Usually when iPhone X users try to prove to me that their phone is faster to unlock then mine they pull it out of their pocket, stare at it and then of course, it unlocks. Now when I show them Touch ID, as I pull the phone out of my pocket I already have my finger on the button unlocking it and so but the time I have pulled it up its already unlocked.

Apple Pay

When it comes to Apple Pay, Touch ID works better again, pulling the phone out of your pocket, with your finger on it’s unlocked as soon as it is at the terminal. With Face ID you have to take your phone out, make sure it sees your face and then put it towards the terminal. Also, don’t get me started on the Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.

The Case for Face ID

Where Face ID does trump Touch ID is when you are already using your phone. It’s seamless when it comes to verifying passwords etc. where as Touch ID you have to move your thumb over the home button to register the fingerprint. Also, if you wear gloves or water on your fingers, Touch ID is pretty much useless. For most of us though this is not a regular occurrence.

It is now History

With the latest Apple Keynote, it has highlighted that Touch ID is not going to be seen in the future of Apple Devices. None of the new iPhones have Touch ID. We had heard faint rumours that they were going to put the fingerprint reader in the screen but this failed to materialise. Instead, Apple are going all in on Face ID. We will for certain see the death of Touch ID when the new iPad Pro this week is to be announced with leaks suggesting a bezel Less display and no fingerprint reader.

For now my iPhone 8 Plus is more than capable compared to the new iPhones but unfortunately it looks like if I want to stay with Apple I will have to succumb to Face Id.